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Making Time to Write for My Blog

I had a long day today. It started with covering a BMW meet and ended with cleaning up the screen printing shop. Being who am though, I went out for dinner with my kid and chose to write an article on screen printing during dinner.

I thought the iPhone 6 plus would be enough to comfortably write for my blog but I chose to use my old Apple iPad 2. I have the WordPress app installed with my Pigeonist blog setup. My iPad has a 3G connection but anyone with a hotspot enabled mobile phone can do the same. Being online allows me to update my post anywhere.

I wish this app had more advance word processing features. Perhaps another app is out there with WordPress connectivity. Nevertheless, making time to write is more important than the tools you use.

Happy writing!

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Making time to write for my blog

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Getting Paid by Google AdSense

I love getting paid by Google AdSense. This is a screen shot from my online banking website. Google pays out using direct deposit. It was more fun getting a check from Google when they issued them. For somebody like me who obsesses over several hobbies, it’s an amazing time to be alive and get paid for sharing what you love.

Getting paid by Google Adsense

Here are some tips to consider when you want to start getting paid for sharing:

1. Don’t think your interests are not worth sharing. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. You only need to capture a tiny fraction of that pie to have an audience. You are not the only person that loves what you love. Look for them because they want to meet you.

2. Document everything you do regarding your interests. Your cell phone is not just a phone. We walk around with computers in our pocket that can do amazing things. Take photos and short videos as often as possible.

3. Pick your online identity and stick with it. If you use your real name or a made up name, that will become your brand.

4. Open up social media accounts under the brand you’ve established above (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Don’t forget your YouTube account as well!

5. It’s time to write. You don’t need to write a 5 page report to create content. Basic content can consist of 1 photo supported by 1 sentence up to a short paragraph. When you have time, post more in depth content.

6. Create a WordPress site to put your content on.

7. Finally, get a Google AdSense account here.

Put everything mentioned together using free apps that chain your content so you only need to post from one site.  The free apps will push content to the other outlets automatically. Apply your Google AdSense account to your new YouTube channel and your WordPress site.  Commit yourself to keeping content fresh and relevant and you might get paid by Google AdSense.


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