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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Teaser Trailer Analysis 1 of 2

Marvel has released the Avengers: Age of Ultron  teaser trailer for all you hungry comic book movie fans. It’s over 2 minutes of daaaayummmm! I would warn you of spoilers but I’m no psychic plus the trailer is public so how can I spoil it? I will say I add humor when I truly don’t have any idea what the scene represents.  But, I am also critical of comic book movie plots so I may add some serious guesses in here.

Read at your own risk and feel free to give your opinion! Here we go!

10-23-2014 10-18-21 AMWe start with a city skyline with a visible tower to the right. I don’t know if this is real city or CGI. The voice over for this trailer is by Ultron himself played by James Spader. I’m a huge Blacklist fan so this partly ruins it for me since Ultron now equals Raymond Reddington in my head.

10-23-2014 10-18-46 AMNext we have a city in disarray. License plates tell us we’re not in New York anymore. I’m guessing somewhere in Europe.

10-23-2014 10-18-59 AMHere is a shot of protesters with Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). I’m going to assume this is before they were abducted by HYDRA since Quicksilver doesn’t have white hair yet. Flag in the back looks French.

10-23-2014 10-19-19 AMLooks like an android is being born by fire. We can assume it is Ultron making himself bigger and better. Can it be another android being born?

10-23-2014 10-19-46 AMCaptain America played by Chris Evans looking beat, tired, and wanting to direct movies more than act in the future.

10-23-2014 10-20-11 AMThe Avengers appear to be in a S.H.I.E.L.D Quinjet. Fans will have to wonder how this resource was obtained since Agent Coulson only has so many vehicles at his disposal based on latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes.

10-23-2014 10-20-28 AMDr. Banner looks sad and frightened. The scene must be post battle and the Hulk was surely a very bad boy.

10-23-2014 10-20-42 AM10-23-2014 10-21-06 AMThis scene in the trailer appears to show a beaten droid walking up to the Avengers currently out of uniform. I’m calling this out as a trailer trickery. I believe characters in the scene are getting the attention of something or someone else. I’m betting Ultron escapes Stark’s lab without interference from the Avengers.

10-23-2014 10-21-44 AM 10-23-2014 10-21-26 AMThe half destroyed android is most likely Ultron after reaching self-awareness. The mouth cavity screams Ultron plus the aggressive act of destroying another Avengers android. I’m calling it an Avengers android since the Avengers’ symbols is clearly visible on the chest. Why this particular android of Stark’s becomes Ultron is the question.

10-23-2014 10-22-13 AM 10-23-2014 10-22-02 AMHere we have Hydra’s mountain side base where the twins were being held captive at the end Captain America: Winter Soldier.

10-23-2014 10-22-30 AMCaptain America is exploring what might be the same mountain side base but it seems evacuated.

10-23-2014 10-23-02 AMFire fight in a city setting.

10-23-2014 10-23-17 AMDestruction in a provincial setting.

10-23-2014 10-27-16 AMNow who has tanks in the snowy wilderness. I’m guessing Hydra.

10-23-2014 10-27-31 AMHere is Dr. Banner post Hulk in the snowy wilderness. How often he becomes Hulk in the movie will be interesting.

10-23-2014 10-27-56 AMBlack Widow all alone and looking sleek as usual. Would be nice if they introduce her to the story as cool as they did in the first Avengers movie.

10-23-2014 10-28-08 AM 10-23-2014 10-28-38 AMI’m associating these two shots as adding emphasis to Hydra’s experiments.

10-23-2014 10-28-52 AMLooks like Ultron saves the twins from Hydra or their new partnership just kicked some booty. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were also bad guys in the comic book so this makes sense, bad first then good.

10-23-2014 3-47-22 PMArmy of androids appear to be raiding the mountain hideout of Hydra. Did Ultron take over Stark’s Avengers android army for himself? The androids look more like Ultron than Iron Man.

10-23-2014 10-29-32 AM 10-23-2014 10-29-47 AMSomething gets the Avenger’s attention, maybe Ultron’s army? Thor drops his hammer in utter disbelief or possibly a “put down your weapons,” kinda of moment.

10-23-2014 10-30-01 AMThe trailer gives off the sense that Tony Stark fails in some manner. Movie plot write-ups describe Stark creating an army of Ironmen to defend the world. So what defeats Starks army of Avenger androids? I’m also going to assume that Ultron is born after the event of Stark’s failure. The only other antagonist in the the movie is Hydra.

10-23-2014 10-30-25 AMIs it time for a pep talk?

10-23-2014 10-30-37 AMHere is Scarlet Witch angry in the middle of debris. Looks like she’s still a bad guy here and possibly hating on herself for her actions. It’s obvious that she and her brother will redeem themselves later in the movie.

10-23-2014 10-30-49 AMPolice are firing at the Hulk so he is definitely not on our side here. What ticked him off? Is he under a witch’s spell or Loki’s staff from the last movie?

10-23-2014 10-30-58 AM 10-23-2014 10-31-13 AMThis is so cool! Iron Man’s suit has a suit of its own to go against the Hulk, a.k.a. Hulkbuster. This reminds me of a Justice League plot line where Batman has a strategy to defeat his own teammates in case they choose to go evil. Does Stark have a contingency plan for each of the Avengers?

10-23-2014 10-31-28 AM Black Widow forgot her helmet. Pay close attention to the motorcycle.

10-23-2014 10-31-53 AMQuicksilver, Captain America and a black android in a train car. Is Quicksilver helping Cap or helping Ultron? I can’t imagine Ultron needing help. This android may also just be one of Ultron’s minions.

10-23-2014 10-32-10 AMScarlet Witch with her scarlet jacket bursting with scarlet energy.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Teaser Trailer Analysis 2 of 2

Go to Avengers: Age of Ultron – Teaser Trailer Analysis 1 of 2

10-23-2014 10-32-35 AMCaptain America in a flashback scene? The elements in the scene, most especially the girl’s hair, tell us Steve Rogers is back in his original time period. Hallucinating?

10-23-2014 10-32-54 AMThese ships are stranded. Perhaps gathered here and held hostage for a master plan. I can imagine Ultron (or Hydra) taking over these ships’ computer to lead them here but how does the water disappear?

10-23-2014 10-33-10 AMAndy Serkis is playing who exactly? What is your guess?

Update: According to Drew McWeeny for Hitfix, during the Marvel Hollywood event, Marvel gave slight confirmation that Andy Serkis is indeed Hugo Klaw. Read it here…

10-23-2014 10-33-28 AMLooks like Captain America but I think we still have Black Widow here with the bit of red showing above the shield.

10-23-2014 10-33-46 AMGirls like Thor.

10-23-2014 10-34-02 AMHulk likes girls.

10-23-2014 10-34-16 AMEuropeans like the ballet.

10-23-2014 10-34-29 AMBattle of Hoth

10-23-2014 10-34-53 AMIf I were Hawkeye, I would totally dump the movies and head to TV to hook up with Mockingbird played by Adrianne Palicki on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

10-23-2014 10-35-29 AMThor isn’t happy with Stark. Tony probably said something blunt and emotionless. It’s no surprise he inadvertently created Ultron.

10-23-2014 10-35-41 AMWhat is Black Widow so surprised to discover? Is this Hydra’s lair or Ultron’s loft?

10-23-2014 10-36-23 AMThe Hulk makes his own armor to use against Iron Man.

10-23-2014 10-37-20 AMRun, Forrest, Run!

10-23-2014 10-37-41 AMHow I feel when they run out of scones at my favorite sidewalk cafe.

10-23-2014 10-37-57 AMQuicksilver in uniform previously seen in official photos. You can’t tell because he is moving so fast.

10-23-2014 10-38-12 AMEven the Hulk likes a good Farmer’s Market.

10-23-2014 10-38-49 AMShot similar to the storyboard art shared with the public a few months ago.

10-23-2014 10-39-17 AMThor is down!

10-23-2014 10-39-45 AMCaptain America’s ‘mighty shield’ is down!

10-23-2014 10-39-58 AM“There are no strings on me.” This is a reference to the classic story of Pinocchio. How very Disney of you I must say.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to North American theaters on May 1, 2015.

Watch the whole teaser trailer again here!


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